#1 2018-02-02 13:14:59

Hilarious on so many levels, starting with it was originally sponsored by a Republican Think Tank.



#2 2018-02-04 03:20:30

I'll bite Devil Dawg. 

Repugnican "establishment" despised Agent Orange.

Progressives (misnomer4sure) saw him as Lord Shiva vs. their "free-shit-race-baiting-grow.gov scam".

The "memo" is another piece of the puzzle (nearly complete) showing clear and present political bias within the DOJ. 

It's EXACTLY the way modern-day Bolsheviks operate.  Fuck 'em all.

Mueller might pass the litmus test but, all those sycophants permeating the corridors around him, not so much. 

America deserved JOE GODDAMN FRIDAY doing the follow-up on this real or imagined shit.  We didn't get him...not even close. 

Trumpster had all the right enemies in my book.  Yet, I still couldn't blacken the dot.  Next time, though...

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#3 2018-02-04 14:51:35

Yo' memo

Nunes’ hyped up memo was so lame, #Yo' Memo Jokes is now a thing that’s happening

Yo' memo's so fake it should've been named "Stormy's Orgasm"

Yo memo is so illegitimate, Maury gonna get a paternity test on it.

Yo' memo tasted like a Nunesburger®.

Yo' memo so juvenile, @realdonaldtrump walked into its dressing room while it was changing!

Yo' memo has such little proof that Steve Bannon won’t even drink it.

Yo' memo so bankrupt, it used to be a Trump casino.

Yo’ memo is so unqualified, Trump made it a cabinet member.

Yo’ memo so broke, the @GOP taxed it.

Yo' memo is so dumb and pointless, Fox News offered it a job.

Yo' memo bombed so hard, Isis claimed responsibility

Yo' memo is so full of holes, the @NRA sent it thoughts and prayers

Yo memo is so stupid, Eric Trump beat its SAT scores.

Yo’ memo so stupid, Betsy DeVos let it graduate early.

Yo' Memo’s so dull Mike Pence thinks it’s boring.

Yo' memo so poor the GOP wants it to die before it can reach Social Security.

Yo' memo’s so discredited that Wells Fargo won’t even open up a fake account in it name.

Yo' memo so insignificant that @jeffsessions remembered it.

Yo’ memo’s so ugly @BillOReilly wouldn’t harass it.

Yo' memo’s such a dog Mitt Romney tried to tie it to the top of his car.

Yo' memo so dumb, it failed outta Trump University.

Yo' memo so poor, @SpeakerRyan wants to take away its food stamps and healthcare.

Yo' memo tells so many lies, @SarahHuckabee is afraid it will take her job.

Yo' memo screwed Trump so hard he will have to pay it $130,000 to keep it quiet.

Yo' memo so under-developed, @MooreSenate asked it to prom.

Yo' memo is so fake @RealAlexJones doesn’t believe it.

Yo' memo was better in the original Russian.

Yo' memo has so many holes Donald Trump tried to play golf on it.

Yo' memo so lame that even the Russian bots stopped pushing the hashtag!

Yo' memo was so tasteless, Trump tried to sell it as a steak.

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