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Come on, selling swampland to gullible Yankees, sick of their slushy, grimy northern cities and depressing political scene is one of Florida's prime economies. And it's always been cheaper to pay off a friendly politico than pay for infrastructure yourself, especially if that "infrastructure" includes state subsidized insurance on multi-million simolean second homes, removal of undesirable redneck crackers and importation of a much more tractable semi-illegal service workforce. A well tamed police force does a good job of keeping a cap on property crimes against large tax payers while looking the other way as those same property owners make bank dealing legal opioids to the service-class, and ensuring against their ability to revolt by handing out as many felonies per-capita as the crack epidemic in Harlem.

Look, it's a well oiled machine and has been chugging along quite happily since the invention of the air conditioner. A few hurricanes will make everyone else in America's Wang wince as our insurance is docked to pay for replacing another millionaires infinity pool that got washed away, but the votes have long been bought and paid for by the developers, so what can you do? Another million people move here every year no matter how many hurricanes, Cuban gangs, meth labs and Zika we bubble up.



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