#26 2007-10-18 00:43:01

Love it.



#27 2007-10-18 00:48:24

sofaking wrote:

Love it.

Yeah, every time I listen to that last one it rattles around in my head for about a week.

You might be amused to see where they later used that piece of music...



#28 2007-10-18 00:50:33

sofie wrote:

For you, my love: . . .

Sweet - That's one of the few post Steve Hackett songs that I actually love.  Let's see if I can repay the smile. *

And, returning to deep thoughts.

* Interesting indeed - I up-loaded that in the "Animals/Pets" category and it showed up in my account pointing to somebody else's up-load under humor.  People, it is impolite to laugh at the poor llamas.



#32 2007-10-18 01:29:07

My guess is that *very* few of you remember this band....

http://media.putfile.com/Winter-Wine--- … y-and-Pink
(crank it up... sounds much better l-o-u-d)

Hey, how can you not love a band with albums called...

"If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You"


"For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night"

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#33 2007-10-18 01:49:12

Someone mention Hackett?  My little contribution.

Hackett and Walsh



#35 2007-10-18 01:52:00

Anyone can evoke shit like this?  Swell and marvelous.



#37 2007-10-18 02:03:09

I think sofaking and it's other[s] should take it down a click or three [at least].



#38 2007-10-18 02:12:28


Count the stars....

Anybody notice who that is on keyboards? *smile*
(Dropped the damned cigarette right at the start... shit...)

And this one take a while to warm up, but wait for it....

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#39 2007-10-18 02:22:56

Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice

Instant awesome...just add Walken!



#40 2007-10-18 04:27:52

For the seemingly absent Dusty:  "Just slipping on by on LSD . . ." (Okay, so they were referring to an entirely different "LSD," but -For the longest time - I didn't realize that.  Eh, it's still a cool tune even if it has lost all of its meaning.)

Lighten up, Dhally, and come dance in the night with us.



#41 2007-10-18 02:50:03

sofaking wrote:

Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice
Instant awesome...just add Walken!

That was, indeed, most excellent.

On edit:

I'll send a little funk back your way....


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#42 2007-10-18 02:52:59

Lake Shore Drive.... 

Shit man, what the fuck do I really know.



#43 2007-10-18 04:07:57

I'm old.

I'm goin' to bed.

See ya tomorrow.

(Eh.  Nobody cares.)

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#44 2007-10-18 12:13:10

Hopefully that will work come (Later this) morning.  At this time, all of the YouTube embeds seem to be spinning their load icons (Well, they don't very well have wheels now, do they?) trying to load.  I was going to provide a direct down-load link to the SWF file (Trying to convert to MPG only led to rather depressingly disastrous results), but I've no idea how to replace the dashes in the link (At least now I know why my last attempt to link directly to a file from YouTube failed); So, if you want it, you'll have to dig out the down-load URL yourself.

"Cigarettes, ice-cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary . . ."

For me to mellow back down after that "took a sad song . . ."



#45 2007-10-18 06:35:06

Fripp and Company.

Better than Tull .

11:13:10 compelled me to post.

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#46 2007-10-18 22:03:11

The Jamaican Jewish Wedding:

Start Wearing Purple - Gogol Bordello



#49 2007-10-19 02:47:19

choad wrote:

Change up...

That was fucking hysterical.

See? This thread is gonna rule.



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