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This method may already have been in production, or maybe it is just marketing hype anticipating the trend that will allow sharpness across the image.

Sony’s FE 135mm f/1.8 GM May Be the Sharpest Lens of Its Kind

Optically, the lens has what Sony’s engineers call the largest ‘extreme’ aspheric element ever made, and it’s up in the front of the lens, which they say helps both sharpness and bokeh. I think ‘extreme’ aspheric may be more of a marketing, than an optical, term. But what was very clear is they have (and I saw micrographs to demonstrate it) been able to polish this aspheric to a smoother degree than has been possible, reducing or eliminating any onion-skin bokeh.



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To the average person, that equation is probably just more confirmation that a career in physics and mathematics wasn’t for them.

That was my thought when I saw it.



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