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mope wrote:

"Could it be found that we got some major part of it wrong? Perhaps, but now you are talking about a revolution which would cause a rewrite of everything we know and have observed." 
What did quantum physics do?

I allowed for the possibility of a scientific revolution, but I spoke of likelihoods. It's more likely that the reporter was sloppy than that our understanding of how the universe works is about to be rewritten. Especially since the reporter didn't even seem to understand the magnitude of what he was reporting.



#27 2017-12-25 08:08:03

Just in our life times the number of things that didn't exist until we suddenly understood them is simply amazing, we still have more questions than answers.



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Bigcat wrote:

Baywolfe wrote:

Bigcat wrote:

I would like to cordially invite you to spend a few days drinking in West Central Pa. with the locals. You will hear of more UFO and Bigfoot sightings than you could ever imagine.  Apparently Clearfield County is known throughout this and many other galaxies as a great destination vacation spot. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that many alien visitors liked it so well that they stayed and now have many generations of families.

Your best option is to wait until the warmer months when the outdoor drinking season kicks in.

Having grown up in Northeast OH, I can't imagine spending any of my remaining time on this planet anywhere near West Central, PA.

I'm just sayin'... You wanna hear about some UFO sighting or not?

From UPI, AP or Reuters, yes.  From the children of the corn people, no.



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That's it? No, "Take me to your leader!"?




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It's a Tesla.



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