#2 2017-12-13 09:11:30

I wouldn't call that an obvious conclusion. It's some of the first hard evidence I've seen in documenting the genetic transfer of learned behavior. Even when the parents had no communication with the pups, that's a pretty solid genetic link. It really cements the process of formation for what we call instinctual behavior.

Of course it muddies the line between nature and nurture arguments, but goes a long way to explaining why certain traits run in families, even when those traits are detrimental to the health of the organism.



#3 2017-12-16 09:01:21

The implications of this are dumbfounding.
I have no trouble understanding how physical traits are transmitted via DNA.  I don't know what to think of non-physical traits (such as fear of/sensitivity to certain stimuli) being transmitted.
There are all kinds of stories about dogs (usually shepherds) exhibiting pretty complex behaviors without any training.  I particularly remember one I read about a Newfoundland, who had never had training of any kind, yet rescued a child who went through the ice on a pond.  The dog even dug a windbreak for the child.
I always thought "race memory" was pseudo-mystical bullshit.  I may have to re-think that.



#4 2017-12-16 19:16:06

Aww come on - we all know about inherited behavior, mannerisms and facial expressions.  What do you think those are?

More importantly why not?  It's just programming in the end, albeit with astoundingly awful QC and source control.  But even that bit of chaos works out in the end by allowing for deviation into advancement or regression.

So yeah - we all come programmed with some soft functions as opposed to only mechanical functions like crapping.  How the fuck do the you think the Monarch butterfly does it's thing - each one only survives for a short part of the journey and even a solitary one if released will begin it's migratory pattern.

Dubioza Kolektiv wrote:

I live by your rules every single day
But some things are written in my DNA

But when I taste rakija
In my head I'm magyar
Back to original shape
Just cannot escape from Balkan

No escape from Balkan

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#5 2017-12-26 03:49:10

There are mystical bullshit artists like Lysenko.  This, however, sounds like solid research.



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