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Not so fast.


The Aishwarya Bar in North Paravoor, a Kochi suburb has built a 250m-long maze-like walkway to the entrance, theoretically making it more than 500m away from the highway.

Redirecting Mr. Popcorn's Kama-Loka for good measure.   


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When it happened here, it happened for the same reasons:  Heads of households stayed intoxicated, the family went hungry and often suffered physical abuse, and there was no legal recourse--and divorce was near-unthinkable.  That is the situation Indian women are in today.

Women don't care about booze.  They don't care if people party.  They care that they and their children get hurt/go hungry/stay poor.

If India gave women more autonomy and criminalized domestic abuse, their women wouldn't be "crusading" against alcohol.



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I just did three weeks in India in January. I asked my taxi driver about the alcohol shops after we pulled into one for him to fill up for the night (He slept in his cab while ferrying me around). I asked him to buy me a pint of whatever whiskey he was buying, solely for personal education purposes. I learned two things: 1) The whiskey wasn't half bad, on the par with the "micro distillery moonshine" places popping up across the south. Raw, and with more sorghum and cane burn than corn sour mash, but certainly more drinkable than I had been led to believe. and 2) It was damn expensive. This was in the state of Rajasthan, where the government is trying to curtail heavy booze consumption, so my pint cost me nearly 300 rupees, about $4.50, equal to a full meal in a western restaurant and above the daily wage of the average laborer. In Goa the same pint will run you R80. So the state is taking a nice chunk off of the trade. The cheapest pint there cost about R150, still a half days wage. And the 500 meter rule is a farce, you can pull up to the curb and for R10 a kid will run and get you just what you want. I would gladly pay R10 all day to make some kid jog a kilometer...



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