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nfidelbastard wrote:


Huh, Purgatory has a Whole Foods.



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Baywolfe wrote:

You have to use the embed tag.

Thanks for the info. I posted the old way and it seemed to work in the preview but now I'm better informed. Thank you Choad for repairing it.



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Smudge wrote:

The trick isn't finding stuff to watch; It's in finding the occasional gems which lurk in the matrix of mediocrity.

Have you found Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries?  There's three seasons on Netflix.  It's an Australian production.  My sister turned me on to the books (which are a good deal racier) but I thoroughly enjoyed this series.  You might, too, if you're a mystery buff.



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Thanks for the tip, George. I've twice started the series, and gotten two or three episodes in, and then lost interest. I'm not sure what puts me off, but something does. I will say that there are very few Australian productions which I've enjoyed. There's something in their aesthetic which I find jarring, I think. But thanks for the tip anyway.

Let me give you a gift. Here's a site which I stumbled on a couple of years ago, and, well...if it were a book, the pages would be falling out. I've utilized it that much. I've been tempted to write the site owner just to let him know how much benefit I've received as a result of his efforts. He really has done a spectacular job of pulling a half century's worth of crime drama into a single spot.

http://timbarron.net/entertainment/brit … mysteries/

That's a best single source or catalog of British detective (and all of the related genres) that I've ever discovered, and I've probably seen at least a couple of episodes of between 80-90 percent of the shows, and in many cases, I've watched the whole run. I hope you are able to get some use out of it (and, obviously, everyone else who reads this as well).



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I started "Taboo" last night and watched a couple of episodes; excellent cast, and an interesting dramatic setup which should allow for the story to fork out in numerous directions. Top notch production values throughout, and the cast includes Oona Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter) who's always interesting to watch. Too bad there are only eight episodes, but they have already committed to a second season. I have no problem recommending this, based on what I've seen so far:


Edit: I've finished the series. I double down on my recommendation. Excellent production values throughout; and superb acting across the board. The show's VERY dark (incest, cannibalism and mass murder of slaves are just a few of the topics engaged) so it won't be for everyone. But I found it to be exciting and captivating. I eagerly await the second season.

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TV5 - Invisible Nature, episodes s01e01-03

A soothing walk among our ever more adaptable friends in the plant kingdom and an intriguing look at their unsung ability to hear, smell, taste, touch, see and talk to one another.

Available on mvgroup.



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