#1 2009-06-28 11:25:18

What do ya'll  know about vaporizers?


I am thinking of trading my bong in.



#2 2009-06-28 11:49:16

I know lots of people who use them to good effect.  Don't go cheap.



#3 2009-06-28 11:56:17

Dmtdust wrote:

Don't go cheap.

What does cheap mean in $'s?

I am initially thinking 250 -350.  Is that considered cheap for vaporizers?



#4 2009-06-28 12:19:27

My two cents:

Yes, they do work. But you CANNOT smoke the leftover crap that's in the chamber.

People claim you can re-smoke it, but it is one of the most foul smelling substances in the universe. I can't even begin to describe the smell.

You can get one for less than you were anticipating (or maybe since LV has a head shop on every corner, the prices are more competitive here).

It's nice to have one, because your bowl of weed is only ignited when it makes contact with the heating element. That saves enough weed to make it worthwhile.

I don't have one, because of my kids and all, but I think you would enjoy it.



#5 2009-06-28 12:33:36

I got the first generation vaporizer, the Eterra, over a decade ago.  There are lots of DIY vaporizers on Youtube, and there are cheaper portable units that work by heating a stone with a lighter, but the home models are generally more reliable and easy to use. 

DMTdust is right about not going cheap.  Yet, the top of the line vaporizer, the German made Volcano, is not worth the $550 retail price even though it has digital temperature control.  There are cheap Chinese knockoffs of the Volcano, but their quality is suspect.  The Vaporbrothers is a nice compromise at ~$140.  I put an O-ring on the end of the whip so it fits into the stem of a glass bong for an old school Bernoulli feel. 

Be prepared for a large increase in the fuss factor as sofaking is right about not hitting it twice.  Also, the weed needs to be pretty dry and broken up.  If the heat is turned up too high, you can combust the weed, which defeats the whole purpose.  Normally, nothing will grow in bong water, but the water in my vaporizer set-up is so clean that it has to be changed frequently or a biofilm develops.  However, itís totally worth it.  The high is better, your lungs and throat feel better, and your walls stay cleaner.



#6 2009-06-28 12:51:40

Why are all of you smoking that Hippie crap?



#7 2009-06-28 12:53:21

Thank you.

Is there opinions on something like this?



#8 2009-06-28 12:57:54

MSG Tripps wrote:

Thank you.

Is there opinions on something like this?

That looks like a wonderful way to spend your retirement.




#9 2009-06-28 13:03:20

I sent a request out to some friends in the MJ Med community.  When I hear, I will post.




#11 2009-06-28 13:25:00

Dmtdust wrote:


Who says potheads are slow? That was quick.



#12 2009-06-28 13:26:44

For a real breakthru in vaporizers check out.


It makes all previous designs obsolete. It's expensive ($210-250), but
it's the best I've ever seen in totally portable vaporizors.

It has no batteries to replace or recharge, requires no flame or
external ignition, runs on butane with clever bimetal temp regulation
and crystal ignition. It's nicely disguised and can be used in
semipublic circumstances. It's a real combination of creative



#13 2009-06-28 13:27:42

That was from one of the board members of the Medical MJ Commission (somethin' like that) from Oregon.



#14 2009-06-28 13:49:52

MSG Tripps wrote:

[Are] there opinions on something like this?

I think the remote control is a wasteful gimmick, but the auto shut off seems essential if you get baked, leave, then OCD about whether you turned the unit off or not.  Furthermore, if you find you donít like huffing vapor out of an oven bag like the Volcano, you can still hit it like an old school vape.  My biggest question is about the digital temperature control.  The Vaporbrothers just has a knob/potentiometer while the digital ones have pre-set temps.  Digital is harder to fuck up, but you loose fine control.  Plus, Iíve heard complaints that the Extreme doesnít get hot enough.  I also think the heating element in the Extreme comes into contact with the weed, which is something the Volcano does not do, and something I remedy with the Vaporbrothers by inverting the unit while inhaling.

I donít know much about the new iolite, but itís portable, cheap plastic, and has NO temperature control.  It might be interesting as a back up for when youíre on the go, but it will never beat the functionality of a home unit.



#15 2009-06-28 15:41:34

MSG Tripps wrote:

Is there opinions on something like this?

Extreme Vaporizer by Arizer Includes:
●1 pc. Extreme Vaporizer Unit
●1 pc. Extreme Instruction Manual
●1 pc. Extreme Remote Control
●2 pc. Extreme Vaporizer Balloon Kits
●2 pc. Extreme Balloon Mouthpiecesn
●1 pc. Extreme Vaporizer Whip
●2 pc. Extreme Whip Mouthpiece
●1 pc. Extreme Aromatherapy Bowl
●2 pc. Extreme Glass Cyclone Bowls
●1 pc. Extreme Vaporizer Stir Tool
●2 pc. Extreme Vaporizer Screen Pack
●1 pc. Extreme Power Cord 110V

I dunno.  It all seems kind of...extreme.

Limited Edition 18" x 24" Poster




#16 2009-06-28 15:53:33

sofaking wrote:

People claim you can re-smoke it, but it is one of the most foul smelling substances in the universe. I can't even begin to describe the smell.

Didn't think anything trumps bongwater.

edit: And still no cure for dirt weed.

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#17 2009-06-28 19:54:38

phoQ wrote:


Plus, Iíve heard complaints that the Extreme doesnít get hot enough.

Do any of the other ones get hot enough?



#18 2009-06-28 23:10:58

I have made two of the lightbulb variety of vapos for friends.  Saw a YouTube video and was fascinated.

They used them and reported that it was an interestingly different high.  They still enjoy them.



#19 2009-06-28 23:18:07

George Orr wrote:

[It all seems kind of...extreme.


Hey George Orr.
I like toys that have to be manipulated.

Again, thank you.  Keep the intel coming if there is anymore.



#20 2009-06-29 14:46:55

MSG Tripps wrote:

Do any of the other ones get hot enough?

They both get plenty hot, but the Vaporbrothers heating is also controlled by the rate of inhalation.  The Volcano uses forced air at a constant rate, so itís idiot proof.  Also, the weed needs to get as hot as possible without combustion.  A lot of rookies fuck up the Vaporbrothers by igniting instead of vaporizing.

Are you the kind of person who puts a screen in the bowl, breaks up their weed, and enjoys the subtle control a bong offers, delivering what you want at the rate you want it?  Or, do you just stuff a nug in there and tug with reckless abandon till itís a charcoal briquette?  You should try a vaporizer, if you havenít already, to see if itís for you.  Itís a big change and doesnít work for everybody.  And an oven bag is different from a whip/bong.

The Volcano is amazing.  Hand made in Germany, itís the H&K of vaporizers, but itís more complicated and has moving parts.  US made, the Vaporbrothers is the Remington 870 of vapes; a simple, entry-level unit.  Plus, if you hate it, youíre not out >$500.  Iím really cheap, so I might not be the best source of info. 

Keep us posted.



#21 2009-06-29 15:23:37

I can't really offer much on advice for which brand is best, but I do like vaporizers. A lot. Great highs, and certainly they're much easier on the lungs, although that's probably not saying much.



#22 2009-06-29 15:54:11

For starters, vapor is the superior high. When you suck back a nice bong or pipe hit, that rush you feel is trauma inflicted on your body when billions of tiny white hot cinders sear the delicate pink tissues of your lungs. In contrast, vapor does not offer you that experience, only the highly concentrated flavor of THC.  The high is a steadily increasing onramp for about an hour, then it plateaus for several hours before winding down. When it wears off, you feel normal, not stupid stoney or tired. I like that I can go out in that state without having the liability of paraphernalia on my person. Some people are habitually attached to the rush though. . . for them it's part of the ritual behavior.

The vapor is stronger. When you smoke marijuana, you actually incinerate most of the THC. I notice the intensity of the vapor high freaks some people out, to the extent that they lay off the demon weed. The vapor process works pretty well regardless of the quality of your strain, even with cheap dirt weed it releases only the THC. You get a solid concentration of the good stuff, and very little of the bad stuff. . . The glassware cleans easily because the usual tar residue is not a byproduct of vaporization.

A vapor unit pays for itself very quickly. You use less green matter. Sure, you can keep hitting it, but it won't get you significantly more high. You are already there. As mentioned before, the high lasts for hours.

Forced air is the way to go. The Volcano is definitely top of the line and works great. I use the more old school VripTech system that requires a separate thermocouple-controlled heat gun. Just like the Volcano you dial in a precise air temperature. I recommend the Makita heat gun, but you can go Bosch, Craftsman, or top of the line Steinl (from Switzerland). The total set-up costs you less than $200, including the Makita, and pays for itself quickly. For the VripTech every smoker gets their own bowl of fresh and two hits. When it tastes like golden roasted popcorn, you know you are done.

The units that use a proximity heating element vary in effectiveness, often times they still scorch the weed, resulting in ineffective volatization and bad smells / tastes. The Vapor Brothers unit works OK, but I still advocate a forced air system versus proximity. You do not want it to get too hot, otherwise you burn it. If it smokes, you have fucked up.

Portability of these units is challenging. That's one advantage of the Vapor Brothers. Generally I do not feel the need to carry this gear out of home. VripTech makes the portable Vapor Bat, it works OK. I recently came across the Vapor Genie, which is uses a proximity ceramic element. That's the best I'm seen so far for the portable version, but I have not tried any of the portable forced air units.

Load carcass is my name for the golden roasted leftovers and it's far from depleted. You can sell it to high school students if you desire. I run mine through a flour sifter and sautť it in butter, which I then strain and use to make oatmeal chocolate chip cooks. Works great.

Choose science!

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#23 2009-06-29 16:43:36

Here comes the science.  I couldnít get the whole article at home, and itís from a crappy journal, so we just have to trust them.  Combustion yields more THC, but vapor is more concentrated.  Basically the Volcano extracted 46% of the THC in with 3 blasts through the unit.  A joint is ~25% and complete combustion was 78%.  However, vapor is 95% THC while smoke is 88% other shit.  This is why the high is different.

lechero wrote:

I recommend the Makita heat gun, but you can go Bosch, Craftsman, or top of the line Steinl (from Switzerland).

Iíve used a DIY heat gun.  I liked it because you can still use your favorite bong.  However, you can burn the weed if you put the gun too close or inhale too strongly.  How does the VripTech prevent this?



#24 2009-06-29 18:15:57

Like I said. . . all of the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.

You can use your own waterpipe with VripTech, no problem. That saves even more coin. The only thing you need to buy from them is the bowl, which is designed to perfectly fit the standard snout of a heat gun at a precise distance to achieve the requisite temperature. Buy the bowl for $45 plus a Makita heat gun for $70 and you're good to go. It will pay for itself with the first quarter baggie of weed. Vriptech boasts that their bowl is patented. Local headshop glassblowers make their own imitations, but they're not as durable. I've cracked one from the heat. The VripTech bowl is thicker glass and I'm guessing made of Pyrex. It's also designed to keep your weed from blowing out.


Now if only they would make one without the offensive rasta hippie graphic. . . that fucking paint is baked on and impossible to remove. Trust that I've tried.

Regarding the heat guns. . . you absolutely want a thermocouple controlled gun. You can adjust the Makita anywhere between 200 and 1100 degrees. The piece of shit heat gun Home Depot sells only has two temperatures: slow or fast lung scorch.

Last comment about the VripTech waterpipes. . . they have internal nibs so you can fill them with ice. But your local headshop probably has those too. . . without the hippie graphic.

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#25 2009-06-29 18:21:52

So the best forced air bang for the buck is...?

edit: Lemme amend that. Could someone post a simple, soup to nuts compenent list for the feeble minded but tenacious on a cheap bastard budget? Tanx.

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