#429 2017-05-30 21:15:48

Surprisingly good, especially considering it's made in Bristol, PA.  God only knows where they get the water, but it's tasty stuff.  Rated among the top in craft brewed whiskey.



#430 2017-06-01 02:49:07


Just dusted off a bottle of this...not half bad.

On the verge of breaking out the carboys and cornelius kegs. 
Time to do something with birch sap and spruce tips.

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#432 2017-07-18 17:29:26




#433 2017-07-19 03:01:01

Knocks me on my ass to an even greater degree than expected from 9% ABV:

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#435 2017-11-03 11:41:30

Nice article. Remarkably free of smug for NPR.



#436 2017-11-05 01:30:56

A Lutheran friend of mine is fond of pointing out that services traditionally occur in the late morning (11:00 AM) - accommodating late-night Saturday drinking.



#437 2017-11-05 03:32:14




#438 2017-11-05 16:17:54



#441 2018-05-15 21:00:13

GooberMcNutly wrote:

So, 12 year old scotch?  We're just paying for 12 years of storage?



#442 2018-05-15 22:18:22

Platymingo wrote:

So, 12 year old scotch?  We're just paying for 12 years of storage?

To a large degree. Sure, there is also the master blenders mixing just the right combination of casks to get the right flavors and some concentration due to evaporation of the angels share. But the vast majority of what you pay for is just cask rental. His contraption uses high dose UV and some vacuum and temperature changes to artificially decay the wood the same amount that time and oxygen normally would, leaching their bioflavanoids into the hootch.

Honestly, the Japanese have been doing similar things behind closed doors for a couple of decades now, ramping up pressure and temperature profiles and using wood matrices to increase surface area/volume ratios to make "old" whisky fast.

The EU and other licensing organizations are very uptight about age statements, but the investment houses that have taken over the corporate finance world think of ROI in quarters, not decades, the manufacturers are stuck trying to make old whisky and still turn a profit every month. It doesn't help that the Chinese have more money than sense and will drink anything you sell them if the bottle is fancy enough. No time for patience in the comestibles market any more.



#443 2018-05-17 02:06:31

12 yr. old scotch, you say?

Recently, an acquaintance, let's call him Willy, was unleashing his latest humorous metaphor/simile (him=blank stare for either term) joke to his friend, while standing in checking out at Wasilla Fred Meyer. 

Something to this effect:

I like my Scotch like my women:
12 yrs. old and swirled up with Coke.

Evidently, another patron felt obligated to follow him to the parking lot, videoing the entire way, until she got a clip of both him and his license plate.  No word yet as to whether or not he's received a "visit". 


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#444 2018-05-17 08:29:24

Why should we expect the stupid people of this world to understand what a joke is?  They don't seem to understand anything else either.



#445 2018-05-17 18:13:04

My latest beer of choice.




#448 2018-11-18 17:07:20

Budwiser - but don't judge me. My cousin came round for some drinks and left a few bottles in my fridge!



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