#1 2018-02-05 16:03:05

Only a moron (yes, Donald, I mean you) boasts a successful presidency based on a temporary stock market rally, because the market humbles everyone eventually, Our current president is the very definition of a rookie:

Dow Jones index tumbles nearly 1,500 points

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#2 2018-02-05 18:01:04

Obama's Fault.



#3 2018-02-05 18:27:23

Jail Hillary, she did this!!



#4 2018-02-06 12:03:21

President Bone Spur learns a valuable lesson (actually; probably not):

“Good time to recall that in the previous administration, we NEVER boasted about the stock market -- even though the Dow more than doubled on Obama's watch -- because we knew two things: 1) the stock market is not the economy; and 2) if you claim the rise, you own the fall,” tweeted Jay Carney, a White House press secretary under President Obama.

http://thehill.com/homenews/administrat … ock-market



#5 2018-02-08 09:12:34

Two thousand and eighteen will go down in history as the year that Donald Trump discovers that the stock market doesn't follow Trump's commands. Who knew?

Going Down Was A ‘Big Mistake’


In the “old days,” when good news was reported, the Stock Market would go up. Today, when good news is reported, the Stock Market goes down. Big mistake, and we have so much good (great) news about the economy!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 7, 2018

https://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/ … ig-mistake



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