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If Amazon just announced without a "contest" then they would have bitched about that.  Instead both the "winners" and "losers" are both bitching.

Here in Dallas, where they dream of being NYC South, the public political opinion is that they didn't offer enough incentives (bribes, tax breaks, et al.) for Amazon.  Privately we hear that the housing market is too high, the schools are too shitty, and DFW is too far from the really important, powerful, and wealthy people.  I read yesterday in the DMN that "Bezos was never going to put the corporate office(s) somewhere that he didn't already own a house".

Ironically/coincidentally Amazon has such a massively large number of Distribution Centers in DFW that, as a Prime member, I can order things at noon and get them delivered same day for no delivery cost.



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Yeah, you gotta give away the next 20 years worth of tax base to get a warehouse that will be 95% robots within that period. From a company that made record profits last year.

For the "HQ" buildings, (though they are glorified middle management beehives in charge of communication and customer support) the one in DC was a no brainer, so they could put all their lobbyists in their own building, and Crystal City has been a ghost town since NavAir and all their friends pulled out and went to Belvoir. NYC was a surprise for me, they must have a plan for not paying people NYC wages. I'm curious about what that will be. Probably staffed entirely with h1b visa turd worlders.



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